Saturday, 15 December 2012

What do gay horses eat?


To paraphrase the great Kate Nash;

This, dear blogosphere, is my face. You might have followed this blog before (unless you were busy, you know, washing your hair, I get it..) , and are now noticing that since I ran away and cheated on you guys with Tumblr, all my old posts have been taken down from here.

Its mish mash of poetry, nonsense and short story snippets have gone (but can still be found on, leaving in its wake a lovely, pristine and clutter free blank page.

Phwoar. I love a good blank page. *rubs knees*

But it won't be blank for long! Mwahahaha etc etc. Soon, I will decorate it with a diary-esque puddle of thought vomit in reaction to my daily comings and goings for your entertainment, titilation, revulsion or all of the above!

I hope you enjoy being word vomited on, because it's about to get messy, you bad ass mother hubbards!!

Soon, Blogspot.


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