Tuesday, 22 January 2013

5 Reasons I'm Not Going To The Gym Tonight

Because the gym police can't get you if you have reasons...

1. I thought so much about going to sleep last night that I forgot to fall asleep.

2. My car decided of its own accord to steer abruptly away from the gym, veering off in the direction of home instead. Weird, right? I think Butch (my powder blue Citroen C1 - I loves me an ironic name) might be distantly related to Herbie.

3. Hungry trumps need for exercise. Always. Except if you're one of those people that go on Channel 4 documentaries because they have to be air lifted off their sofas. Maybe then exercise should win sometimes...

4. I spent an entire afternoon looking through pages and pages of website for small, infuriating typos (for work, not fun). The last thing my brain needs now is to watch my moon white legs pumping away in the reflection of the gym's window for 30-60 minutes.

5. I just don't wannaaaaaa, okay??

Phew. Thanks for being so understanding, you guys. For letting me off the hook, I think I'll let you share some of my ice cream.


  1. You're welcome. Strawberry please.

    1. ...will Mango do? It's all I have to offer! Maybe should've got more flavours in before I asked for your forgiveness...

    2. Mango? Mango Chutney flavour? Whatever happened to Rum and Raisin flavoured ice cream? I remember it was my favourite as a kid. Might explain why I'm a complete pisshead as and adult. Got Gin and Tonic flavour?

    3. Nope, just Mango. If you were a proper piss head you wouldn't need ice cream to justify having alcohol in the middle of the day. I have some left over xmas rum!


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