Saturday, 5 January 2013


It's with a certain amount of glee that since starting this blog, I realise that most of my lookers (I chose lookers over readers because of how damn fiiiiine you probably are! *sassy finger snap*), are of the American persuasion.

Or I have one solitary American tuning in several times a day to see if I've done anything else worth pointing and laughing at yet. In which case, give me a minute, I've only just woken up... But I am about to go jogging, so that could be fruitful.

Whichever reason it is that I'm getting views from across the pond, I want to show my feels and appreciation to you. BY FLASHING YOU MY TITS!!!

No, not really.

I'm not especially great at being tactile (I.e if I go to hug you, someone will take a finger to the eye), so instead of offering a crushing embrace or an eyeful of pasty boob, I shall shout some American things at you, to bridge the gap between our cultures...ahem...


Parking lot!


That was good for me. Honestly, was it good for you? Don't lie to me America!!!

Oh, and fellow Brits:

*offers stern handshake*

*stiff upper lip quivers slightly*!

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