Sunday, 13 January 2013

Moods And Foods

My first thought upon waking today was "woe betide meee!" I mean, after the initial wordless horror of realising that I was no longer asleep.*

Someone's crept into my room overnight, replaced my brain and bunged up my nose with a delightful mucousy substance. I only have today off this weekend because of stupid work (boo!), and I have agreed to spend most of it at the boyfriend's parents' house. FML, I would have thought if I sometimes thought in text speak.**

I've now breakfasted on coffee and LLama Bites. If you've never heard of these... Investigate! I have included in this post a handy pictorial example to make spotting them in supermarkets easier for you. They're fucking ace! I recommend the barbecue flavour. Probably not recommendable as a breakfast snack though...

Since "breakfast", my snot leaking brain has done a full, screeching U-turn. I've got a whole day at my disposal. It's cold, but so gloriously sunny that I briefly forgot that I live in Wales - a place that's usually Dull-As-Fuck Grey (check the Dulux colour chart - it's a real colour, honest!), even in the summer months.

I joke. Everyone knows summer's a myth.

I only have a cold. Man Flu at worst, so I'm hardly bed ridden. And, I get to spend it in decent company, eating free food.

Free food. Food that's free!! Today isn't a social obligation. It's a perfectly valid reason to sit on my arse, chatting and eating. What's not to like about that scenario?! Ungrateful prick.

Seriously, it worries me how much my mood depends on how long it's been since I've last eaten. I will spend entire afternoons wondering if I'm clinically depressed, only to have a sandwich and realise that I am Queen Of The Fucking Universe when it comes to life. Even my family have cottoned onto My spiking and plummeting mood levels and their correlation with munching. My sisters bring sweets on shopping trips so that they have something to medicate with when they see the storm cloud passing over my eyes.

If that's not a good reason to eat my way through a day I don't know what is.

*Note: not suicidal melodrama. I just suck at waking up.
** Which I do TBH. Lol. BRB.

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