Thursday, 17 January 2013

Snow Day Snow Day Snow Daaaay!

Just received text from boss:

"Hey everyone...Been checking the weather reports, and it looks like the snow's going to be bad tomorrow. No one be a hero if the roads are too icy to drive in the morning."

Yeeees!!! Snow day, snow day, snow day!! I can play in the snow, build a snowman, drink hot chocolate in my jammies, watch Top Model, eat sweets, have a bath, read a book, write stuff, watch You Tube, play on Tumblr, make a fort around the sofa..I could do anything I want to, anything! My house will be my playground!!!

"If you have trouble getting in, just come in later, or I will try and pick you up."


*All dreams of a whole day off of frolicking and fancy-freeness instantly melt away*

On a positive note, my birthday night out wig arrived. Im aware that it looks naff as fuck and makes me look like a drag queen... But a classy drag queen, no?


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  1. I remember as a kid my grandad telling me that snow was dandruff falling from the heads of angels. For years I would run into the house screaming when it started to snow, to escape the scalp shavings and gag in the toilet for hours. Years later when he was in his 80s he called me aside and whispered "You remember the story of the angels and the snow?" "Yes gandad, how could I forget." "Well, that was a load of madey up BOLLOCKS!. Now piss off!" Dear old grandad, how we miss him. That's a spectacularly bad wig.


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