Monday, 25 February 2013

Today is a Good Day!

"But today is a Monday! Why is today a good day, Becky?" I hear you ask. "Pray, tell!" Okay then, oddly-spoken scallywags, I will!

- Jennifer Lawrence won best actress at the Oscars and fell over. And this small act of clumsiness made the world (i.e me) love her even more for it (not even my achievement - Oscar, not fall- but it makes me happy nonetheless). Long live JLaw!

- My absolute superstar of a workmate bought me a vanilla Starbucks latte at silly o clock in the morning (FYI, this is the nicest thing you can do for ANYONE on a Monday morning) whilst I was mid serious glare-off with a ringing phone. The phone won.

- I nabbed last minute tickets to see Russell Kane strut his metrosexual stuff this evening.

- I've got a day off work tomorrow! Sure, it's got a trip to the dentist in it, but one takes what one can get...

It's the little things, people! It's the little things.


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