Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Tales From A Ten Miler

Agh, I forgot how much I love upping my mileage! And how satisfying it is to pick those weird, white-ish lip boogers off your mouth at the end of the run on the way home.

Don't lie, you all do it too! 

I wonder where that gunky film comes from?  I never notice it while I'm actually moving.

Yes.  So.  Ten miles tonight! First time in a long time, and it went brilliantly! My Llanelli Half training buddy James accompanied me the whole way round.  Here is a lovely, if blurry snapshot of our faces.  Observe the expressions of surprise and relief that we got around with our limbs intact:

Pleased to be rocking some spectacular side fluff on the head area there too.  Turns out I'm not slow - my hair just adds resistance.  It's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

It's been nice to get stuck into mileage again, rather than speed, which tends to stress me out.

This is the first time I've trained with the help of track sessions with Run 4 All on Mondays, and then and the company of one other actual human on my long runs.  As opposed to the voices in my head.  

Apparently talking someone's ear off is the perfect distraction from running your own legs off.  And James has been a very obliging ear on legs!  Maybe next time I'll even let him talk a bit. 

I got through it on the wings of a welsh cake.  I swear I wouldn't have been quite so enthusiastic without that hefty glob of sugar in my system at the beginning. And it also helped that the ibuprofen I'd taken not long before that to zap a killer headache, may have made me numb from the waist down, so if I've got any suffering to do following tonight's efforts, I'm not feeling it yet.  For all I know, I've got two broken legs.  Hurrah!

Because running for a while (took us about 2 hours to get round) can drive you a bit batshit crazy from boredom sometimes, we made a bit of a game of listing things that we've seen to report back to the general public.  So here is the list.  

Stuff What Happened On Our Ten Miler or <Insert Pun I'm Too Tired To Think Up Here>

1.  House doorway strewn with latex gloves.

2.  Some sick immediately upon entering Neath.  Not our own.

3.  A rotund, drunk man who wanted to know where we were going.

4.  Creepy, manic church bells the second we entered a graveyard.  Shat pants and sprinted.

5.  Creepy manic church bells when we looped back through exact same graveyard a few minutes later.  Shat pants and sprinted.

6.  Ominous owl noises from bushes.  Possibly earlier drunk man doing brilliant impressions from hedge.  If so, good effort, drunk man!

7.  Someone - couldn't see who - from Run 4 All, shouting "Go Becky, Go!!" from car park as we passed.  If you're reading this, mystery encourager, thank you, it helped!!  By "BWAAH!!", I meant "Thanks, your encouragement is appreciated!"  Also, I would like to hire you to stand on set point in of all my runs to shout nice things at me from now on, please thanks.

8.  A pair of tiny terriers who thought that they were rottweilers and we were steaks.

9.  The pearly gates of Heaven.  We refrained from walking into the light.  This time.

... I want to round this list up to ten, but that would require further thought, and I really don't think that's a feat I can perform for you right now, sorry.

Anyone else who ran in the dark tonight when they could have been on their sofas with wine and pies.... good bloody effort to you!  I hope you all have wine and pie right now.  You've earned them!

Now.  I have to change my trousers and forage for food.

Happy Wednesday!! xx

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