Wednesday, 1 January 2014

That'll Do, 2013. That'll Do.

As seems to be the done thing on Facebook today, I feel obligated to sum up 2013 in the soppiest or stroppiest way possible.  Everyone else seems to have had either THE BESTEST YEAR EVER AND NEXT YEAR'S GOING TO BE SUPER AMAZING AND I WILL SPEND THE WHOLE YEAR POOPING GLITTER BECAUSE IT'S GOING TO BE SO GOOD!!!XOXOXOX , or it's been THE WORST YEAR EVER, AND FUCK EVERYONE, I'M GOING TO MAKE 2014 MY BITCH!!!

It might be because I've started 2014 on a severe pizza hang over, meaning that my ability to feel has been compromised by too much cheese on the brain, but if I were to sum up 2013, I would describe it aaaaas....

Okay, bordering on the pretty good.

Yup, that seems adequate.

I didn't win millions on the lottery, enabling me to buy that monkey butler I've always wanted, but I didn't get my face ripped off by a rabid monkey inexplicably roaming the streets of Swansea either (perhaps due to an irresponsible monkey butler owner).  

It was a pretty good year though.  Here's some stuff what happened:

  • Running!!! - In "training" (i.e eating burgers and then hoping they help me jog from a to b)for my first ever half marathon, I discovered to my surprise that I actually like running, quite a lot actually.  So much so that I actually went on to run the Cardiff Half Marathon, join a running club and keep up a habit that 15 year old me would have soiled herself in shock at the thought of.
  • Drinking - Not really a recent discovery.  More of a coming to terms.  The older I'm getting, the more often that regular old insecure but generally mostly stable me turns into weeping, eyeliner smeared stereotype at the end of drink fuelled jollities.  "But WHY do you like meee?! I'm HORRIBLE!! Waaah.... can we go and get a burger now?"  This is almost always followed by a feeling of inexplicable doom and then humiliation the following morning.  Not classy, San Diego.  Not classy at all.
  •  Working - Used to tie myself up in knots over the fact that my job was such a "normo" one and that I wasn't doing something I had a specific passion for like writing/finger painting/eating cheesy snacks for a living, but I've come to the conclusion that - holy fuck - I'm actually pretty content, and I don't have to wait until I secure a job as quality tester at a Dairylea factory to allow myself to feel that way.  Now, all I want to do is try my hardest at the day job while I'm there, come home, run, internet, eat and sleep. Sort of like a cat with access to Tumblr and a wage.

Resolutions, Becky?  I hear you fall over yourself excitedly to ask me.

Nah.  One of the best things about running is that you're constantly aiming to better yourself in some small way all year round.  So while I wouldn't mind eating better, getting fitter and being less screwy and self analysing to the point that it's borderline narcissistic, I'd rather just let my little running achievements snowball into a bigger sense of accomplishment.  It's pretty satisfying!

First challenge this month is the Spartan 30 challenge that starts on Sunday.  One mile every day (at least) for 30 days.  Seems do-able.  I'll keep a diary of it and let you know how I get on.

In the meantime, I hope Christmas made you all fat and happy too, and that 2014 brings you lots of nice surprises, both edible and otherwise!

Maybe 2014 is the year we ALL get butler monkeys =). 

If you're interested in the whole Spartan Challenge business as a way of kick starting your fitness/ not being on the sofa as much as you'd like plans, you can view it as a Facebook event here:

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