Sunday, 5 January 2014

This. Is. Spartaaaa!! (Kind of)

As I mentioned in my last post, I took up a challenge I stumbled across on Facebook - The Spartan 30. 30 days, at least a mile every day. Seems like a do-able way of making my rest days a bit more productive as I plod my way towards the Llanelli Half Marathon in March.

The challenge was issued by the official spartan race, which I'm not signed up for, but would love to do one day (especially if any events decide to come closer to the green, green grass of Wales than London). It's an obstacle course of varying lengths, and each one has actual fire somewhere on the course. Sounds pretty fucking badass, no?  At the very least a conversation starter when you turn up to work with no eyebrows.

In the meantime, this is day one of my challenge, which happened to fall on my planned long run day and on what appears to be the shittiest, rainiest day of the year so far.

It took me an hour of sulking with coffee to get my backside off the sofa (see groggy-faced evidence above), but I eventually made it to a local playing field that has a handy half-mile pavement/trail thing around it.

Felt like a cat being thrown into a cold bath for the first couple of miles, but after a while of gritting my teeth against the cold, it got surprisingly easy!  As the puddles rose along with my temperature, I found myself intentionally going for bigger and bigger splashes whenever I saw water at my feet (which was often), and the 5 mile run I'd planned for turned into 7! Hooray for puddles!

I tend to forget that the less you want to get out tree and move, the bigger the rewards you reap when you've actually gone and done it. Motivation-bomb right there for you.


Decided to document my daily runs throughout the duration by taking daily snaps and posting them to Instagram.  Follow my shameless selfie-taking by finding me on there: I go by the name of BeckyTea.

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