Monday, 7 July 2014

I'll Be Hurtin' Come August!

Just popping in here today, for I start my CrossFit regime tomorrow at Outcast CrossFit Swansea and fear I shan't make it out alive.  If I survive, and if I still have use of my fingers, I'll report back.  Experience could be worth a couple of giggles at my expense.

I'm also here because I've found myself home from work four hours earlier than anticipated.  Bogs flooded.  For the surprise half day, I'd like to shake the hand of whoever's bowel evacuation went wrong enough for a whole building to be evacuated in turn.  After they've washed their hands, that is. 

I've already mentioned that I've got the Tenby Half Marathon to run this weekend.  Not sure how/if that's going to pan out after two on-ramp sessions at CrossFit.  The second of the two 1.5hr introductory sessions I'm taking this is only a day and a bit before the actual race.  It took me three whole days to be able to look left and right without wincing after the bloody taster session the other week!

And because I've obviously not made July difficult enough for myself, I've also taken up my Uncle's offer of his place in the Swansea Half the following week as he's had to drop out... That is, if I get away with running it with the name "Crispin" plastered to my race number. To be honest, I fancy my chances - what with my boyish good looks and total lack of breastices.  I might have finally found a golden opportunity to let my beard grow in and all.

Weird thing is, though I'm still feeling distinctly "hahahahanope!"  re: Tenby, the idea of completing two half marathons is as many weeks gets my juices going.  Makes little sense that doing 13.1 miles twice over within two weeks, (considering I didn't think I could do one lot of that distance in one year twelve months ago) makes me feel less wary than just doing the one half marathon does. The more difficult the challenge, the more I want to get that shit done! Silly brain.

Actually, i think I just really like medals and bragging rights.  Probably doesn't get a lot more complex than that. Shiny shiny shinies!

Anyhoo - busy July. Two halves to attempt, followed by my favourite annual mass gathering of pink stuff and hysteria - Race For Life.  Bring it on!

Peace out,



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