Saturday, 18 October 2014

Just For Fun

Hey hi hello!

Guess what? I done a real life article for a cool website I stumbled across last week.  publishes snippets from women all over the interwebs on all kinds of topics. My article is about how, as adults, we often forget that we can do things for the hell of it.  We don't have to be good at anything.  Unless you're a brain surgeon or something.  Some skill required there, I'd assume (hope).  Anyway, if you want to read my article (hee, I have an article.  Did I mention that?), have a quick click on the link at the bottom of this post.  And when you're done, have a  look at some of the other contributions on there.  Some very clever, funny and creative women writing for that site.  Chuffed I got to be one of their number this week!

Just For Fun - Rebecca Taunton

Ooh! Before I go, I want to give a shout out the the person that made my morning!  On Blogger, you can check your stats and sometimes see what searches lead people to your little corner of the internet... Guy/girl who Googled "Who sniffs panties in Taunton?", I'm sorry if my blog disappointed you in any way, and I sincerely hope you find who you're looking for, you adorable little pervert!

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