Sunday, 19 April 2015

Marathon Training Week 8/ Run Piggy, Run!!

Roll me in newspaper with some chips, for I am battered! Busy weekend! Here's my week in training...Please bear in mind that this week looks nothing like the actual plan I have stuck to my freezer:

Mon      Rest day
Tues     Rest day
Weds    3 miles + CrossFit 
Thurs    4 miles
Fri         Rest day
Sat       Invncbl mud run (6 miles)
Sun      Final Run Like a Ninja + 6 miles: The number I managed to get in before my butt intervened by completely cramping up thanks to yesterday's activities.

The Invncbl obstacle course I did in Margam Park yesterday was like nothing I've ever experienced.  It.  Was.  Awesome!  6 miles and twenty something slop covered obstacles.  And to my profound relief, no electric shocks!  Not even a bit of static off of my T-Shirt.  Phew.  It was after only 3 of these that I started to resemble a grinning swamp dweller, when I took two steps into some knee-deep mud and fell flat on my front.  The obstacles turned out to be a lot friendlier than I expected, and much, much muckier.  Turns out, I love being caked in ick and wading through brown water.  I was obviously a sewer rat in a past life.  Or a pig.  
Run, piggy, run!!

The only bits I found especially tough were the many, many, MANY hills we had to climb. Even after we reached the peak of the mountain and "aaaaaw!"d at some fearless bambis that bounded into our midst, we still seemed to be going up.  That mountain defied physics!  This sewer rat most definitely needs to squeeze in some hill repeats before marathon day, or she may well keel over at the first hint of a bump in the road.  Better off realising this now rather than six miles into my jaunt round Liverpool. 

"Oh, is that a hill?  Never mind, I'll just go home."

So, yus.  Despite a water station running out of water at the top of a big, fuck-off hill (resulting in several semi feral people -myself included - sniffing half empty bottles to see if they were "okay to drink"), and one or two of the obstacles being shut down early on because people were spraining ankles, and apparently breaking a leg (literally, not showbiz style), the memory of flinging myself over walls and wading through muck will be a favourite for a long, long while.  The sense of camaraderie was immense, especially as both my running club Run 4 All, and the Outcast CrossFit box were all running in the same wave.  Was an insane experience to be surrounded by that many familiar, filthy faces and to share the experience with all of them. 

No one worried about finishing time, because both groups (I entered with Run 4 All) chose to stick together and to leave no man behind.  Everyone was too busy regressing to being six years old, when mud was for throwing and water for splashing around in to be concerned about something as silly as how quickly they could finish.  It's a sentiment I hope to keep with me in my future races.  Might have to remind myself that lobbing clumps of dirt at people isn't quite as socially acceptable in city events, though.

What I got out of Invncbl:

 A too-big T-shirt because they'd run out of all other sizes
 A new medal (shiny shiny shinyyy!!)
 A refreshed outlook of speed < fun
A smug-ass grin.  Look at her and her smug little face.

I'm off out to roll around in the garden and climb a tree now.  
I think I might need to be re-socialised.

Happy Sunday!

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