About Me

Rebecca (or Becky when she's not being told off) is a twenty-something (twenty nine.  She's twenty nine, but she thinks that putting "something" instead of her actual age makes her sound more Bridget Jones-y) year old who lives in Swansea with her pet cat, pet dog and pet human male.  She enjoys writing, running, Crossfit and talking about herself in the third person.  It makes her feel important.  

Here are some other things Becky likes:

  • The smell of tyres.  To the point where it's creepy. 
  • FOOD!!!
  •  Being alone in the house with loud music on. 
  • Window shopping on Gumtree for pets she's not allowed to have.
  • Devouring books. 
  •  Finding stray pound coins in her pockets.  She finds this more exciting than finding notes of higher monetary value.  She may well be a simpleton.
  • Buying more magazines than strictly necessary.
  • Binge watching American sitcoms on Netflix.
  •  Making lists about herself and publishing them on the internet.
Twitter: @rebeccatwriting
Facebook: Rebecca T Writing

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